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Starhawk in Amsterdam

14, 15 en 16 September 2007

Friday evening 14 Sept 20.00 - 22.00 – lecture

Earth Spirit, Earth Action

Magical activism is the blending of earth-based spirituality with political action.
When we truly "get it" -- the Earth is an intricate and living being, our mother Gaia -- we are responsible to take action on Her behalf.
What are some of the core principles and practical methods of magical activism, and where do you "sign up"?

Admission: Euro 20,-

Open from 19.30 pm

Saturday 15 Sept 10.30 – 17.30 - Workshop

The Earth Path: Giving Spirit Roots

Pagans practice "earth-based spirituality," but many of us are not indigenous to the land we live on, and our myths and deities arise from other places.
Yet we can learn to listen to the land, and have a deepened relationship with real air, real fire, real water, real earth -- real inspiration, passion, emotion, and embodiment as we move around the magic circle of the elements.
In the center, the place of transformation and change, is the pattern, the shift in our thinking from a focus on isolated objects to relationship.
In this workshop Starhawk will guide us through a process of learning to use the tools of observation, awareness, and magic, "the art of changing consciousness at will," to deepen connections with the natural world, and to create the myths and rituals that can bring us into harmony with the full community, human and beyond-human.

Admission: Euro 60,-

Open from 10.00 am

Sunday 16 Sept 10.30 - 17.30 – Workshop

Holding Power Well

This workshop explores issues of power and leadership.
How do we take our power and own it as a life-giving force?
How do we recognize when we do have power, and use it in ways that empower others?
How do we nurture and support leadership in our groups, while also holding our leaders accountable?
This is a workshop for anyone who has struggled with these issues in relationships or groups.
All of us have internalized models of power as domination, which often interfere when we attempt to form new structures based on
We will consider power within sacred space, and through ritual, trance, and energy work develop the tools we need to transform destructive patterns into energies freed for change.

This workshop is especially interesting for people who want to work on the Dutch Reclaiming community

Admission: Euro 60,-

Open from 10.00 am


MytSTéR, Singel 459, 1012 WP, Amsterdam

At walking distance from Central Station.

Prizes including tee and coffee, but excluding lunch

Overnight stay

For people who come from far, we can arrange some very basic places to sleep. Please contact the organisers about this beforehand.


You can download registration forms here ( coming soon)


Reclaiming events are alcohol and drugs free.

Participants in the workshops are expected to agree with the Reclaiming Principle of Unity

Magic can never be a substitute for therapy and might not be suited for people with psychological problems.
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